Members’ rights

All members enjoy the following rights:

  • To participate in such activities and social events as may be have been defined in the Association’s
  • Statutes or otherwise designated by the Association’s Committee;
  • To propose to the Association’s Committee or its General Assembly, either orally or in writing, such suggestions as they may argue to be appropriate towards furtherance of the Association’s aims;
  • To be named in the membership register of the Association, in accordance with pertaining legislative requirements;
  • To be sent information, upon written request, about agreements and accords adopted by the Association’s Committee or its General Meetings;
  • To make use of such services and benefits as have been established by the Association’s Committee and its General Meetings for the achievement of its social aims;
  • To receive information about the financial state of the Association, the composition of the governing body and representatives of the Association, and the development of its activities.
  • To attend General Meetings with such vocal or voting rights as have been established by the Statutes of the Association.
  • To receive both a hearing before the adoption of disciplinary measures, and reasoned information about facts underlying such measures as may be proposed by the Association’s Committee;
  • To challenge proposed agreements if these be deemed to be in conflict with existing legislation or the Association’s Statutes;
  • To be eligible for election to the Association’s Committee under the terms and conditions established by the Association’s Statutes.