What we do

What we do
The Murcian Association for the Study of Palaeoanthropology and the Quaternary (MUPANTQUAT) is a non-profit organization established

    • For the furtherance of relevant actions, mainly in the Murcian Region, and to a lesser extent elsewhere in Spain and beyond;
    • For the furtherance of all kinds of scientific, cultural or social actions relating to Palaeoanthropology and the Quaternary;
    • For the furtherance in our Region of such studies of human, palaeontological, archaeological, palaeoenviornmental, geological or palaeogeographical remains as may have been initiated or may be envisaged;
    • For the diffusion of studies undertaken in relation to Palaeoanthropology or the Quaternary;

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    • For the affordance of support to those bodies, institutions, or other associations, in the Murcian Region which have kindred interests;
    • For the facilitation of assistance of a methodological, procedural or logistical nature to studies that may be undertaken in relation to Paleoanthropology or the Quaternary;
    • For the stimulation of, and assistance to actions involving research, excavation or field-surveys in relation to Quaternary palaeoanthropology, archaeology, palaeontology, geology or palaeoecology.
    • For the facilitation of assistance in the preparation of material for scientific study or public display;

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    • For the support, or search for support, that may facilitate diffusion, publication, or reproduction of relevant materials in a wide range of modalities, materials or formats;
    • For the offer of assistance in the design of protocols for obtaining data, recording information, and documenting results;
    • For the furtherance of exchanges, travel to, and collaboration with national or international scientific institutions;

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  • For the furtherance of scientific or cultural presentations at events, including meetings, courses, conferences; or congresses;
  • For the furtherance of courses of all kinds and for different levels of participants;
  • For the furtherance of programming and organizing excursions or visits to sites, excavations, museums, collections, or other activities related to our aims and purposes;
  • For the furtherance of inspecting or surveying places where Palaeanthropological, Palaeolithic or other Quaternary remains might occur;
  • For the facilitation of such technical assistance as may be required by archaeological or palaeontological excavations or research.